Jesse Malmed — Untitled (Just Kidding), Sept 21, 2017

Video/performance by Jesse Malmed co-presented with CAVE

WHEN: Thursday, Sept 21st, 8pm
WHERE: CAVE (in the Russell Industrial, 1600 Clay St, Detroit, MI 48211)

Untitled (Just Kidding)

Jesse Malmed presents a suite of videos and performances, including new works made specifically for this evening. Malmed’s moving image works channel and channel surf the intersects of conceptual comedy, dizzying illogics, the poetic plu-future and sustainable sourcing, animating the cinema space with live gestures. Tonight’s sights include: a sitcommune, an actorless play, the permeability of the screen and new letters.

Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator, working in video, performance, text, occasional objects and their gaps and overlaps. He has performed, screened and exhibited at museums, microcinemas, film festivals, galleries, bars and barns, including recent solo presentations at Roots and Culture, the Chicago Cultural Center, D Gallery, Syntax Season, Cinema Contra, Microlights, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Echo Park Film Center, Lease Agreement and the University of Chicago Film Studies Center. His platformist and curatorial projects include the Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, programming at the Nightingale Cinema, the mobile exhibition space and artist bumper sticker project Trunk Show (with Raven Falquez Munsell), programming through ACRE TV and the recently inaugurated Western Pole. A native of Santa Fe, Jesse earned his BA at Bard College and his MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He was named a “2014 Breakout Artist” by Newcity and has attended residencies at ACRE, Ox-Bow, Summer Forum, the Chicago Cultural Center and Links Hall.

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