Please join us for the second Mothlight Microcinema screening! This month we are happy to be teaming up with the Detroit Film Collective to bring you works by local filmmaker, Brandon Walley, who will be in attendance.

From the small spaces of a weekend vacation to the expanses of New York City and the American landscape writ large, this month’s program looks at how various filmmakers—both domestic and foreign—depict our nation.

Here is the program for the evening:

Unified Fields, dir: BRANDON WALLEY, 9:30, 16mm presented on video

66 Scenes from America, dir: JØRGEN LETH Leth, 42:00, video


Coney, dir: FRANK MOURIS, 5:00, 16mm

Lost Book Found, dir: JEM COHEN, 38:00, 16mm & 35mm, presented on video

Vacancy, dir: BRANDON WALLEY, 6:20, Super 8mm presented on video