WHEN: Saturday, June 15, 2019, 8pm

WHERE: Play House, 12657 Moran St, Detroit 48212

Comprising films from the workers at Canada’s well-known film lab for artists, Remember to Remember showcases diverse approaches and techniques for engaging the analog moving image, from the lab’s beginnings to works-in-progress.

Co-presented by Mothlight Microcinema and Media City Film Festival.

Derek Jenkins, Filmmaker and Lab Technician at Niagara Custom Lab will be present to introduce the program and discuss the films after.

Doors at 7. Films at 8. Admission is Free/Pay What You Want, with donations going to support Play House and help insure future screenings.

Film Descriptions
(program is approximately 65 minutes)

Lab Movie. Sebastjan Henrickson. 16mm Colour. Sound. circa. 1996. (12 min.)
A hybrid of experimental and wet-lab processes, Lab Movie documents the daily life of a lab worker through a collection of techniques that imbue the images with a bristling, fiercely independent response to the underbelly of commercial film production.

A Frame. Sylvain Chaussée. 16mm. Colour. Sound. 2015. (5 min.)
A Frame is a light study of a once beloved space, the old lab / house, on Dufferin street in Toronto, before its demolition.

Muzzle. Ali Vanderkruyk. 16mm. BW. Sound. 2019. (3 min.)
Muzzle is a story told through a muted mouth. Shot on 16mm film, scratched with a knife, and drawn with a red pen.

The Shouting Flower. Derek Jenkins. 16mm. Colour. Sound. 2018. (12 min.)
A work about collaboration and process, The Shouting Flower approaches political resistance from multiple subject positions–plant, child, filmmaker–in an attempt to model what Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing calls “work across difference.” Using images processed in plant material that was gathered at key locations throughout the city, as well as direct animation and audio recorded on a child’s toy, the film documents its own creation within a landscape of hostility and neglect.

A+B Experiment #3. Adam Stewart. 16mm. Colour. Sound. 2019. (5 min.)
I’ve been making some A+B rolls to be printed on our contact printer at the lab. Most of my work consists of multiple exposures made in camera. I wanted to carry that out in post by printing two
rolls on top of each other. I used marker / tape to mask out certain sections to allow the opposing roll to expose more. This is roll number two. Everything edited on the bench with original negatives and prints. A mix of B&W, Colour, Positive, Negative.

Best Buddies. Sebastjan Henrickson. 16mm. Colour. Sound. circa. 1999. (4 min.)
A work of mourning for a friendship divided by circumstance, Best Buddies exemplifies the deeply personal approach Henrickson has for lab work, taking as its subject a colleague and friend who left the lab for a life in Mexico. In the process, the filmmaker finds a contradiction: two inseparable dogs who despise each other.

Chacallada. Sylvain Chaussée. 16mm. Colour. Sound. 2018. (5 min.)
In the city of Puno in Peru, people gather in the main square to participate in a celebration of cultural tradition through music and dance. The wandering eye of the camera captures the vibrations of the scene, while the landscape which surrounds the city slowly closes in….

Livestock. Derek Jenkins. 16mm. BW. Sound. 2019. (12 min.)
Livestock is a documentary study of one stage in the production of motion picture film. Most of the animals at the Warren Livestock Auction will be sold for industrial meat production. Their bodies will be slaughtered and processed, their bones prepared for rendering into gelatin that might one day suspend silver halide on a strip of acetate.

Remember to Remember. Sylvain Chaussée. 16mm. Colour. Sound. 2018. (8 min.)
Shot over the course of one month, Remember to Remember is the diary of a film technician struggling to keep pace in the unique environment of a film laboratory. While obvious elements challenged the making of this film, it has become a testament of passion for analogue filmmaking.