Please join us for the third Mothlight Microcinema screening! This month we are continuing with our theme of “Portraits of America” and are delighted to be featuring work by local filmmakers: Katie Barkel and Oren Goldenberg.

Portraits of America, Part II takes an oblique look at our nation, highlighting films that probe and explore the unseen workings, implicit beliefs, and underlying values that shape the American physical, social, and political landscape.

Here is the program:
Panorama of Esplanade by Night, Thomas Edison, 1901, 1 min, 16mm
O’er the Land, Debra Stratman, 2009, 52 mins; 16mm presented on video
Time I Change, Oren Goldenberg, 2012, 8 mins, video


Buffalo Common, Bill Brown, 2002, 23 mins, 16mm presented on video
Crossroads, Bruce Conner, 1976, 36mins, 16mm presented on video
They Cannot Touch Her, Katie Barkel, 2012, 5 mins, HD video