WHERE: Oloman Next Door (next to Oloman Cafe)
10225 Joseph Campau Ave. Hamtramck, MI 48212
WHEN: Monday, November 19, 2018, doors at 6:30, program starts at 7pm

Admission: $8 >>> BUY TICKETS HERE <<<


Program curated by Mary Pena and co-presented with Cinema Lamont.

Through a range of differing and subjective perspectives on the complexities of
present-day Cuba, a group of documentary filmmakers from the renowned
International School of Film and Television (EICTV), craft multiple narratives in
collaboration with local production crews and one another. Made within the
confines of a specific geographical and temporal frame, the shorts series Based in
Havana, marries visions of the outsider looking in with those of the insider looking
out, creating nuanced views of contemporary realities, often cast one
dimensionally. Myriad tensions ripple across hastily-built relationships, varied
perceptions, social, political and historical allegiances—producing multi-layered
explorations of representation, the ephemerality of truth, and the strengths and
limitations of the documentary form.


PROGRAM (program with film descriptions here)

Ciudad de Cartón (Cardboard City)
 2017 | 10 min
Co-Directors:Richie Benson, Louise Bernard, Richard Sharman, Daniel Gomez Uribe

Como Soy (As I Am)
2017 | 10 min
Co‐Directors: Sabrina Fuller, Joanna Pritchard, Annie Maguire

Eggun (The Dead)
2017 | 10 min
Co‐Directors: Rubin Whitmore II, Adriana Guiman, Raquel Anta, Mary Pena

En El Medio (In-Between)
2017 | 13 min
Rubin Whitmore II, Gemma Thorpe, Rich Broome and Mary Pena.

En La Sangre (In The Blood)
2017 | 6 min
Co‐Directors: Gemma Thorpe, Daniel Cuty, Rosie Holliday

Fidelista Sin Fidel (Fidelista without Fidel)
2017 | 10 min
Co‐Directors: Amba Batra Bakshi, Raquel Anta, Richa Rai, Alexandra Nagy

Obini Batá: Women of the Drums
2017 | 14 min
Directed by Damián Calvo
Produced by Irene Mendez With Obini Bata, Daniela R De Armas, Melena Francis, Frank Oropesa, Eva Despaigne

Duo Impacto
2017 | 8 min
Duo Impacto follows a lesbian couple who subvert gender expectations through drag king performance.
Co-Directors: Molly Harding, Miranda Everingham, Alexandra Nagy